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Washi Tape Pennants

washi tape pennants

Are you having a party or just want to serve food a new way? Try making washi tape pennants from toothpicks and washi tape, and stick them into whatever you are serving: cherry tomatoes, cupcakes, chocolate balls, meat balls, pieces of carrots or apples, grapes, sausages. In other words these miniature pennants are perfect for finger food or tapas!

washi tape pennants 2

In addition to the tape and the toothpicks you need a pair of scissors to cut the flag into a pennant. If you’re using washi tape with pattern, be sure align both sides of the pennant correctly, or else it’ll show through the partly transparent washi tape.

washi tape pennants 3

washi tape pennants 4

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  1. Ha! I just also made little flags yesterday – I put them in my pots, where I try to grow herbs and wrote down on the flags, which is in which pot…
    Washi Tape to the rescue! 😉

    • Erlend Erlend

      What do you know! Certainly an easy way to name your herbs – washi tape indeed!

  2. Looove washi! Already tried washi flags and now I’m going to cut them into pennants! 😉
    Lovely pictures
    Irene xxxxx

    • Erlend Erlend

      Thank you Irene! Yes, washi tape is just great!

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