Washi Tape Light Switch

washi tape light switch 6

Wanna add some color in your house? Why not style your light switches! We have several of these boring white light switches in our apartment and making a washi tape light switch will add some excitement to our light interior!

washi tape light switch 2

To do this you need your favorite washi tape and a flat-blade screwdriver. Now, the light switches in Norway might be a bit different than the ones you have where you live. First use your thumb and pointing finger to pull off the centre piece (button) of the switch.

washi tape light switch 3

Use the flat-blade screwdriver and bend the frame open on both sides. Add the tape either to the frame, the button or both. Be thorough when you apply the tape if you want the pattern to be the same all over the switch.

washi tape light switch 4

washi tape light switch 5

This is fun! On the one beneath I’ve taped only the button.

washi tape light switch 7

washi tape light switch


22 thoughts on “Washi Tape Light Switch”

  1. Wow! Simple but so great! I’ve come across your blog quite recently and I think I ‘m going to drop by quite often. Thanks for sharing good ideas!

  2. Hej Erland!
    Tack för din fina blogg! Jag har precis hittat hit och detta var den första idéen jag lånade av dig. Fler kommer det nog att bli!

  3. I absolutely love this idea! I’m thinking about re-modeling my room, and I will definitely use this idea!

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