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Velcro Key

Have you ever forgotten where you put the house key? Those days are over! Hang your key on the wall with Velcro!

You need velcro tape, two pieces with hooks and one piece with loops, a perforator, a key ring and of course a key. Start with taping the two velcro pieces (hooks) together – you should now have hooks on both sides. Make a hole with the perforator, attach the ring and the key. Find a suitable place to fasten the velcro piece (loops). I’ve taped it on the wall. To make sure the velcro stays on the wall you might wanna pound a small nail through it.

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  1. CodyGirl CodyGirl

    very good idea. Thank you for all your frugal ideas. Love them all. keep up the good work. could you find more rustic projects to do?

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