Cereal Box Business Cards

Reuse your empty cereal boxes and make business cards!

Well, as you probably can see, this is no cereal box, it is a box which used to contain pasta, but it is made of the same thin cardboard cereal boxes are made of. And for most of you, serial boxes is probably something you have at home. Okay, enough talk. How did I do it?

1. First I opened a new document in OpenOffice.org and made three text boxes and wrote the three lines of letters. 2. Then I copied the text boxes and made them into different colors. Then I used a pair of scissors and cut out one of the sides of the box, fed it to the printer and printed out on what used to be the inside of the box. 3. At the end I used a paper cutter to get the right shape and size of the cards.


8 thoughts on “Cereal Box Business Cards”

  1. Your English is very good, but the food people eat in the mornings is “cereal”, not “serial”.

    I wonder how easy it would be to cover up the back of these? But then again, the text on the boxes is pretty unique and can make it stand out.

    1. Thanks Tabitha ;-) Having the text and colors from a cereal box on one side of the card was kind of the point here – creating a contrast. But if you prefer no text on the back I would use a different kind of material, for example the backs on college-ruled notebooks.

  2. Very nice idea!
    Couldn’t it be done with a stamp and several colored inks instead of the printer? I’m not sure my printer could take the cardboard…

  3. I feel the same way as Evelyne. My printer is a good one, but I’m not sure it can handle the cardboard. What printer do you use?

    And besides stamps, you can always handwrite the business card text–or find someone else to do it.

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