Mom + Baby Sleeping Sign

mom + baby sleeping sign

Got any scraps of fabric laying around? They might be perfect for a mom + baby sleeping sign! When Elise and Albert are sleeping at the same time during afternoons, then this sign will come handy to alarm me to be quit. Well, I don’t actually know if she’ll use it, but it’ll look good hanging by the bedroom door.

mom + baby sleeping sign 2

Supplies: Two scraps of fabric with different colors, a stick, all purpose glue, twine and a pair of scissors. 1. Start with cutting a rectangle from the fabric you want as the sign. I’ve used one of Elise’s old t-shirts. 2. Cut out the letters from another piece of fabric. Getting the letters imperfect is kind of the point here, to get that childish look. 3. Glue the letters onto the rectangle and glue on three loops to go around the stick. At the end, use some twine to hang the sign up.

mom + baby sleeping sign 3

mom + baby sleeping sign 4

mom + baby sleeping sign 5

It took some time figuring out how to set up the letters to fit the rectangle. Make sure you don’t make the letters too big – good luck!


11 thoughts on “Mom + Baby Sleeping Sign”

  1. I like it!! It’s perfect for your idea, even though she doesn’t use it; but it’s a lovely decoration.

    It’s my first time comment on your blog. I follow you from Spain.

  2. I am five months pregnant and I think this is a GREEEEEEEAT idea – especially because when the baby is around we’ll have a lot of family members milling around :)

    Addicted <3

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