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Marshmallow Table Name Flags


Hi guys! I haven’t been crafting much these last months. Being a father to a 4.5 months old boy takes up pretty much all my time. It is exhausting but at the same time fantastic – ain’t nothing better than to come home from work and meet the little baby smiling at you! Albert got baptised last sunday. That gave me a push to make table name flags for the party: Marshmallow table name flags – mmmmmm 😀


Supplies: BBQ wooden sticks, thick paper in the color of your choice, marshmallows, a pair of scissors, a pair of garden scissors, a glue stick and a marker. First I cut out rectangles from the paper, approximately 3 in x 1.4 in. I used the garden scissor to shorten the BBQ sticks, I made them 5 in long. Then I applied glue onto the paper and the top of the “pole” and pressed the paper around the stick and held for 10 seconds. I made all of them this way and let the glue dry before I wrote the names on the flags.


Now, getting the flags to stand is easier said than done – many of them marshmallows are skewed and will not stand, so be sure to have at least a couple of bags to choose from.


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    • Erlend Erlend

      Merci pour vos paroles chaleureuses!

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