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DIY Rubber Stamps

Today’s DIY I’ve been thinking about making for months, and I finally bought a stamp pad and found a couple old rubbers and started cutting. You too can make stamps out of rubbers!

Supplies: A scalpel, a rubber and a stamp pad. A sharp utility knife will also do. Cut out what you want, but remember if you’re making text it must be made inverted.

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    • Erlend Erlend


  1. Hannah Belle Design Hannah Belle Design

    I feel a little silly asking this, but what is a rubber? Like a rubber eraser? or is there anything else inexpensive (or that I might have lying around) that I could carve a stamp out of?

    • Erlend Erlend

      Hi Hannah, I’m simply not being consistent in my English 😉 “Rubber” is a proper british English word for what you would call an eraser.

  2. duke duke

    haha in canada a “rubber” is a condom!

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