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DIY Pennant

Cardboard paper and copper, not exactly the first thing you think of as together in a craft, but I believe it works great in this DIY Pennant I’ve made. The text I’ve chosen for my pennant is the words of Astrid Lindgren’s character Pippi Longstocking, who I believe shows us the best way to deal with challenges! Let me tell you how I made this pennant!

1. Supplies: A copper pipe, a pipe cutter, thin cardboard paper, a printer, quick dry glue, twine and a paper cutter (or pair of scissors)

2. Make the pennant design. I’ve used Indesign, but Photoshop or Gimp will do as well. Print it out on a sheet of cardboard paper.

3. Use the paper cutter and cut out the pennant. Also cut out two strips that’ll go around the pipe.

diy pennant 4

4. Hold the pipe next to the pennant and measure how long you want it to be. Cut the pipe using the pipe cutter.

DIY pennant 6

diy pennant 5

5. Glue on the two strips of cardboard paper – loop them around the pipe.

6. Pull twine through the pipe, tie a knot and you are ready to hang your beautiful new pennant on the wall!

diy pennant 3

diy pennant 7

I’ve bought the pipe at Clas Ohlson and the cardboard paper comes from Panduro.

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  1. Erlend, how beautiful and easy!

    • Erlend Erlend

      Tonita, thank you!

    • Erlend Erlend

      Me too, Laurel! Copper is great! Thanks for stopping by my blog 🙂

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