DIY Pencil Stamp

With only a few cuts in your pencil’s rubber you can make a small stamp – great for decorating envelopes, cards and gift tags!

I’ve used water colors, two pencils and a scalpel. First use the scalpel and cut the shape you want from the rubber. Too detailed shapes are difficult to make, but a heart and a clover or a star is definitive possible. By using not too much water on the colors you’ll get the perfect stamp mix. Good Luck!


14 thoughts on “DIY Pencil Stamp

  1. kacey

    this is a great Idea since Im still in school i can use this just to my my erasers unique instead of makeing it a stamp

  2. Shelley

    this is awesome! Thank you for posting this. I made a heart shaped pencil and got right to my artwork!! It looks amazing!


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