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DIY Newspaper Stars


Newspapers. I feel like I’m going down to the dumpster every day with a bunch of them. Though I always keep two or three at hand in case I need them for something. With some practice you’ll be able to make these origami stars. Okay, before you start with a newspaper you might wanna try with plain sheets of paper first. Making the star is easier with thick paper. The procedure is the same though:


1. Cut a strip of paper 1 x 30 cm / 0.4 x 11.8 in. I use a paper cutter to get the strip nice and straight, but a pair of scissors will do too. Fold 1.5 inches of the end away from yourself with a small angle towards left or right. Then fold it over the strip towards yourself. Then tuck the little end inside the ‘knot’. You should now have something that looks like a skewed tie knot. 2.-3. Now comes the easy part: Bend the rest of the strip over from side to side. The leftover-tip you tuck under the previous strip.



4. You now have a pentagon and you can clearly see where the stars’ points will come. 5. This last photo shows how you can use a credit card to make the points appear. You may wonder why someone (Elise) with beautiful fingernails uses a credit card instead of a fingernail? Well, she doesn’t normally, but I do and I’m behind the camera.



(Isn’t this just typical: The last photo (above) you add is the one you’re most satisfied with. No way I’m starting all over ;-))

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  1. lumss lumss

    Spent my evening in front of tv-shows doing stars for I-dont-know-yet-what for Christmas. Thanks!!!!!

    • Erlend Erlend

      That’s great lumss 🙂 Fold 25 of them from plain paper and write nice messages inside – that is an idea for a advent calendar 😉

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