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DIY Napkin Rings

We had guests over last saturday, and I made napkin rings with their names on – really easy.

You’ll only need thin kraft cardboard, napkins and a computer with a printer connected. Start with printing out the names you want, I’ve used a typewriter font. Then you cut out the names in rectangular shapes roughly 5.8 in x 1 in. Use the pair of scissors or a paper cutter (preferred).

Then you cut halfway through from the long sides – remember the cuts must be made opposite on the other side. This will make lock the ring onto itself and viola, the ring is done!

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  1. Just an other great idea from erlend, thank you and have a wonderful and shinny x-mas time!
    lovely greetings from

    • Erlend Erlend

      Thanks Melanie 🙂

    • Erlend Erlend

      Alright K!

  2. Kerra White Kerra White

    elegant! nice.

    • Erlend Erlend

      Thanks Kerra 🙂 And they’re so easy to make!

  3. Molly Molly

    You could totally do this with all those toilet paper rolls that we all keep saving!! Would be great with a natural looking dining set for the Holidays!!

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