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DIY Mini Flag Garland

What I like the most about making things, is giving it away to others. If it is possible combined with surprise, then it is just great! Have you ever wanted to surprise a co-worker with a birthday greeting? With a couple feet of twine and some washi tape you can easily make a mini flag garland perfect for small decorations at birthdays.

Supplies needed for this little project is different types of washi tape, twine and a pair of scissors. Attach the tape and cut triangle-shaped flags.

An idea: Before your co-worker arrives at work: Attach the garland at his or hers computer screen and change the screen protection so that it says “Happy Birthday!”.

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  1. ina ina

    What does “change the screen protection” mean?
    Is that like a screen saver? Is that just for MacBooks?
    Cute idea.

    • Erlend Erlend

      Yeah, that is what you correctly call a screen saver and you’ll find it on both PC and Mac 🙂

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