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DIY Hama Bead Earrings + giveaway


You thought I was done making stuff with Hama beads? No way! This week I’ve been ironing and gluing flower-shaped earrings. 1. To make these you’ll need: 10 Hama beads in two colors (8+2), 2 earring posts and 2 earring backs, E-6000 glue, an iron, baking paper and a pegboard. 2. Start with making as many ‘flowers’ as you want on the pegboard. 3. Iron the ‘flowers’ on one side, take them off the pegboard and iron the other sides as well. 4. Glue on the posts – that’s it!


Do you want to win a pair? Facebook like this post and leave a comment where you state your favorite DIY on and you might win yourself a pair of Hama bead earrings! 5 winners will be chosen. Giveaway is open until the 9th of May. The winners will be announced in this post. Good Luck!

🙂 Erlend

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  1. Adelaide Adelaide

    Favoritt DIY’en på sida di er nok hama-sløyfene. Enkelt og kreativt. Likte godt desse øyredobbane og. 🙂

    God helg til deg.

    • Erlend Erlend


  2. Bridget Bridget

    I love the DIY frame earring holder- it’s great! 🙂

    • Erlend Erlend


  3. giouli giouli

    what a great idea

  4. Ashlee Ashlee

    I love this idea thanks….I am just starting to do Perler Beads designs. I do have 1 question though: What is that white string thing with the point on the end and what is it used for? Thanks again, Ashlee!

    • Erlend Erlend

      Thanks Ashlee! You mean the electric wire & plug for the iron? 😉

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