DIY Hama Bead Earphones

diy hama bead earphones

I remember a time when it was really cool to have earphones with white wire. Only those who had bought an iPod had these white wires hanging down outside their jacket. Nowadays everyone has white wires it seems. So if you wanna stand out, why not make your own DIY Hama bead earphones. Not only does it look nice, you also avoid wire mess.

diy hama bead earphones 2

Pick out your favorite Hama beads and use a pointy scalpel to slit them. Use your thumbnails and drag the bead downwards. Then bend the bead open and slip it around the wire. This can be a nice accessory to your outfit on your national day – use the colors of your flag. In my case I would use red, white and blue beads on the 17th of May, which is Norway’s National Day.

hama bead earphones 3 diy hama bead earphones 4

Many thanks to Helena for this Hama bead idea. Check out her blog Craft & Creativity – filled with inspiration and DIYs.


17 thoughts on “DIY Hama Bead Earphones”

  1. What a creative idea! I am quite hard on my iPod headphones, so other than the risk of having to re-bead them every couple of months… I would be totally on board. :) This could also be a cute gift for someone in their favorite colors.

  2. I am obsessed with you website! been trying to figure out how to do this. thanks for sharing! cant wait to see everything else you post

  3. Hei!

    Hvordan er det med deg?

    Jeg fant din blog og lurte paa om du ville vaere av interesse for deg aa proeve ut vaart nye produkt som er en forbedring av Hama sine Perler som maa klippes aapen foer de kan tres paa en hodetelefon ledning. Du kan en titt paa vaar Facebook side “MyBeads” eller paa vaart nettsted – Jeg kan godt sende deg noen vareproever hvis det er av interesse.


    (utflyttet Haugesunder)

  4. I have just finished hama beading my earphones with glow in the dark beads, and they look awesome! Thanks so much for the inspiration! :) Have a brilliant day!

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