DIY Frame Earring Holder


Your accessories is one big mess you say? Can’t find the second part of an earring pair? Get organised with a homemade earring holder! It’ll take you no more than ten minutes.


To make this frame for your accessories you’ll need the following supplies: A frame, chicken wire, a wire cutter and a stapler. Start with measuring how much chicken wire you need by holding it over the frame. Use the wire cutter and cut out the square of chicken wire. Use the stapler to attach the chicken wire to the back of the frame. That’s about it. Hang up your favorite earring pairs!


Depending on what kind of frame you’ve got you might wanna make the chicken wire stand out a bit from the wall. Then it will be easier to hang your earrings. Now where did I get the frame? A thrift store. And the chicken wire? A hardware store. Another way to use a frame is to make a DIY Clothespin Frame. Have a great weekend guys!



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