DIY Fork Photo Display

Bend your fork into a photo holder, it is easy! I’ve seen this made on Pinterest and thought I’d give it a try. It definitely looks more impressive than it is. In addition to the fork you’ll need a flat nose plier.

1. Start with the fork facing away from you (the back of the fork towards you). 2. Bend the 2nd and 3rd prong towards yourself and slightly to the sides. 3. Bend the 1st and 4th prong away from you and slightly to the sides. 4. Use the plier and bend the tips of the 1st and 4th prong. This will keep the photo in place.


5 thoughts on “DIY Fork Photo Display”

  1. These are great!! Got cheap bendy forks at Goodwill and made displays for some of my sweetheart’s huge collection of antique postcards. Great for displaying Christmas cards on the mantle, too. Thanks!!

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