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DIY Felted Wool Balls

Roll small decor balls out of felted wool!

You’ll need felted wool in different colors, a small bowl with hot water and dish soap.

Dip the wool in the hot soap water and start rolling it between your palms, the same way you roll balls when you bake, only this time you do it more gently, letting the fibres attach to each other. Dip it again, roll some more and dip it one more time and roll harder towards the end. That’s it! Happy crafting!

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  1. Thank you for inspiring creativity!I have 2 questions: Where did you purchase this felted wool? And how would you display these as decoration?

    • Erlend Erlend

      Tanks Lorena 🙂 I’ve bought the wool in a søstrene grene store here in Kristiansand, but I believe you can get it in all stores that sell yarn. When it comes to displaying the balls you can put them next to a tea light, make a wool ball garland or simply put them in a vase (If you’ve made many of them) 🙂

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