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DIY Fabric Button Ring

I keep all my buttons in a mason jar. Among the wood and plastic buttons I found one made by fabric. It makes a nice ring! 1. Supplies: A fabric button, 5 in. wire and a wire cutter. 2. Pull the wire through the holes two times, so that you´ll get two circles. 3. Thread a stick or a marker inside the the circles and tighten them. 4. Twirl the wire ends around the ring. This will help the button to keep in place. Cut the leftovers. That´s it! Wear it and show it around!

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  1. Thanks for sharing! I usually use blank ring pad but this one is easier to do!

  2. Sarah Sarah

    It’s the first thing I saw on your website, and I fell in love with it immediately and had that I-MUST-CRAFT-NOW compulsion. Great work.

    • Erlend Erlend


      • Sarah Sarah

        Hi agian 🙂 I’ve kind of started a crafty blog review website, and I was wondering if I could feature this ^^^ project there?

        • Erlend Erlend

          Yes you can 🙂 See guidelines here

  3. Inge Inge

    These are beautiful!!! What a fabulous idea … and what great presents they’d make too 😀

    • Erlend Erlend


  4. Coco Coco

    I’m in love with this color of nail polish !!!

  5. Hey Erlend, You did wonderful job with fabric and make stylish button and its pretty cool idea to enhance the beauty of buttons.

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