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DIY Cork Name Tags


I’ve been collecting wine corks for a while and today I’m showing you one way to make use of them: Name Tags! Are you having guests? Let them know where to sit with cork and thin cardboard. To make these you’ll need wine corks, one for every guest at the table. You also need thin cardboard or thick paper to write the names on, I’ve used the grey recycled cardboard from the back of a college notebook. And of course, you’ll need a utility knife and a marker.


Start with cutting the cork as shown on the photo below. 1 cm down is enough. Then write down the name and stick the tag into the little crack. Easy peasy! The most difficult thing about this DIY is writing the names – I mean, everyone can write fast and ugly, but it takes practice getting beautiful letters!



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  1. Smile! This idea is genial! So easy and so artful!

    • Erlend Erlend


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