DIY Cork Key

No more worries about dropping your boat key in the ocean, with a cork attached it’ll float! You only need a loop screw, a small key chain ring, a wine cork and your key.


22 thoughts on “DIY Cork Key”

  1. My name is Nadia, i am soon to be 16. I live in Denmark, but goes on a high school in Sweden. I draw all the time, watch movies and takes tons of pictures. :)

  2. I’ve lost two corks this way and almost lost a third today. Use an artificial cork and glue around the screw. Even with glue, real cork doesn’t hold up well to the rigors of a key chain. Fun stuff tho! Enjoy!

  3. Hi Erlend
    I found your blog over at 36th Avenue. I live in the Middle East now but was born in Spain and brought up in the UK. Love all your creations and am really looking forward to seeing more in the future. I’m off to subscribe to your email now so I don’t miss anything.

  4. I’ve just met your page and I have to tell u: You’re so inspiring!! You’ve de ability to transform ordinary things in something special. Congrats * (and sorry for my english..i’m a spanish reader) ^^ Lau.

  5. What a great idea! We love wine, and save corks for other projects but I never thought to do this. And in fact, I believe my husband has some rings in his tool box. Definitely going to do this :) Would make a great gift to when the gift includes a key, like a new car, motorcycle, boat, or new apartment.

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