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DIY Clothespin Frame

Attach twine to a frame and you’ve got yourself a beautiful way to display photos and cards!

To make this you need a frame, I bought mine at a thrift store for almost nothing, clothespins, small nails, a hammer and twine. 1. Use the hammer and pound 5-6 nails 2/3 into the back of the frame. Tie twine from nail to nail. I’ve used hemp twine, but any twine will do. Then you can clip on the clothespins and hang up your pics and cards. I’ve used small wooden clothespins. A tip: If the frame does not have a picture hanger you can start with pounding two nails in the top back of the frame and tie twine between the two nails.

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  1. CodyGirl CodyGirl

    nice work.

    • Erlend Erlend


  2. Rimantas Rimantas

    Thank you. R

    • Erlend Erlend


  3. Pass Pass

    Me encanta!!! love it!!!

    • Erlend Erlend


  4. I’ve just discoverd your blog and I’m in love with it, you have an amazing creative mind! Nice work!

    • Erlend Erlend

      Thanks Ohlali 🙂

  5. Bridget Bridget

    your house must be amazing- so full of awesome stuff 🙂

    • Erlend Erlend

      Too much awesome stuff actually when you consider that we live in a small apartment 😉

      • Bridget Bridget

        no such thing! 😉

        • Erlend Erlend


  6. fe fe

    Super easy, super simple. love it.

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