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DIY Christmas Matches


Style your matchboxes for Christmas. Fireplace and candles are important to make a cozy home and to get in the Christmas mood – well, then you need something to light up the flames. I’ve made my matchboxes a little more Christmasy by adding stamped recycled cardboard. In this DIY I’ll also tell you how I made stamps.


Making Christmas Stamps. Supplies: A sheet of foam, a glue stick, a pencil and a piece of wood. 1. Star with drawing the shape you want on the foam-sheet. I’m making a tree. 2. Use the pair of scissors and cut out the tree. If you find it difficult you can always use a scalpel. 3. Glue the shape onto the piece of wood.

Making Christmas Matches. Supplies: Matchboxes, thin recycled cardboard (from the back of a college notebook), a glue stick, a pair of scissors and christmas stamps. 1. Start with cutting the pieces to fit the front and back of the matchbox. 2. Stamp it with your Christmas stamp. 3. Glue it onto the matchbox. Easy Peasy!


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  1. Gail Gail

    I LOVE this!! I also love how you used your stamps for the cheap yet neat wrapping paper! =)

    • Erlend Erlend

      Thank you Gail, I’m so glad to hear!

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