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DIY Cardboard Gift Tags

Don’t throw away cardboard you get in the mail, use it to make gift tags – it’s easy and cool!

I’ve used cardboard, not the thick kind, twine, thin grey cardboard (from the inside of a cereal box), a paper perforator, a pair of scissors and a glue stick. First cut out the shape you want from cardboard and make a hole with the perforator. Then make a hole in the grey cardboard from the cereal box and cut around it so that you’ll end up with a small ring. Attach the ring with the glue stick and thread some twine through the hole, tie a knot and you’re done.

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  1. I’ve been looking for tags that looked like this! Now I can make them for free! Thanks for the tutorial. 🙂

    • Erlend Erlend

      Sure thing Jessica 🙂

  2. Great little idea – perfect with the holidas coming up too. Thanks for sharing.
    Looking forward to looking around your blog too 🙂

    • Erlend Erlend

      Thanks for stopping by Lowri 🙂 Great tutorials you’ve got on Papervine –
      Loving the 52 reasons 😉

    • Erlend Erlend

      Alright Julia 🙂 Keep it up!

  3. It is so cool to make these. I love them. I make prayer shawls for people and this will come in handy. A home made prayer shawl and gift tag. It looks so cool. Thanks

    • Erlend Erlend

      Thank you Connie 🙂

  4. What a fantastic idea!!!! Oh I love this. Definitely going to be trying this myself 🙂

    • Erlend Erlend

      Alright Elise – you do that 🙂

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