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DIY Cardboard Frames

Cut your own frames from cardboard and display christmasy words or photos!

To make these frames you’ll need a piece of cardboard, recycled cardborad/carton, a utility knife, a pair of scissors, a couple of clothespins, multi purpose glue, a pencil, a ruler and a computer with printer connected. 2. Draw a 21cm x 6cm/8.3 in x 2.4 in square on the brown cardboard. Half of the square will be the support, while the other half will be your frame(s) of choice. In the middle of the squares length you draw out arms which will end in small frames. Be sure to have at least 50% of the squares length as the support or it will be unbalanced. 3. Use a utility knife/scissors and cut out the shape. 4. Fold the bracket so that it will have three sides; one side along the frame, one on the back and one down towards the table. Then draw along the bracket´s sides and (5) cut off the superfluous parts. 6. Then glue the bracket in place. Use the clothespins to keep pressure. 7/8. Use a computer and print out text or images you want to use for the frames. 9. I´ve used grey recycled thin cardboard which I glued on with the glue stick. If you like you can also tie a knot out of a string around the “neck” of the bracket.

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