DIY Button Coasters


Make your own button coasters! All you need is buttons and glue!


1. Supplies: Your favorite buttons and E-6000 adhesive. 2. Start with a button and glue on six buttons around it. Remember to put glue on all surface that touch other buttons. Add another circle of buttons around the six, now you’ll need twelve of them. Be sure to move the coaster around when you’re done so that it won’t glue onto the table. I used a sheet of paper beneath while gluing. That’s it!




24 thoughts on “DIY Button Coasters”

  1. Such a cute idea. Just saw it on Craft. Would be cool to try this with boring white shirt buttons too. Would look very stylish I thing.

    1. that’s exactly what I was thinking, would make gluing it together easier. Put glue on the felt (or any kind of fabric) then place the buttons on top, smooth out and done!

  2. I like the felt idea. My button stash is made up of all different sizes of buttons. The felt will help give it a stable area to glue onto.

  3. Love it!but I rather make brooch like flower with button!(I hope that i write correct sentence:-))(ممنون ارلند=Thanks Erlend)

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