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Button up! I got a package of wooden buttons in the mail last week. Perfect for making belts! For those of you that have been reading my earlier posts, you’ve seen the same type of buttons on several earlier projects: button rings, bracelets, name flags, magnets and earrings. This time I’ll make a colorful button belt.


1. Supplies: 40 buttons in different colors and 40 in. twine. The amount of buttons and the length of the twine will of course vary from person to person. Measure around your waist as you make the belt. Start with bending the twine on the middle. 2. Thread the twine through two of the holes in a button and tie a loop. 3. Now thread the twine through all the buttons and tie a knot after the last button making sure they’ll keep in place. Fasten the belt by wrapping the loop around a couple of buttons.


If anyone wonders where I’ve bought the buttons, I found them on eBay. They come in 7 different colors, and the diameter is 20 mm / 0.78 in.



24 thoughts on “DIY Button Belt”

  1. It’s very cute but I see the buttons overlapping each other so it seems you would need to make it longer than you actually need. Still a cute idea. :)

    1. hi there Terry. The twine is a bit elastic, so the buttons do not overlap each other when you tighten the belt around your waist :-)

  2. How do you keep the belt from getting all twisted up? I made one using waxed twine & it twists & gets tangled up. I was going to make some for Christmas gifts for my granddaughters but if they have to spend so much time untangling them, they won’t wear them. I really love the button belt idea &I I know my granddaughters would too! Any ideas?

    1. Hmm. Good question Debra. Mine does not get tangled up. I guess it depends on what kind of twine you’re using. One idea is to always keep the belt on a pair of pants or maybe on a clothes hanger?

      1. Thanks for answering my question! for the belt I already have made, I’m going to try putting a strip of colored duck tape on the back and see if it will hold up. I will try a different kind of twine for the next one. I’ll let you know the duck tape works.

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