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DIY Bow Tie

diy bow tie

I have a thing for bow ties. I have a lot of them in different sizes and colors. Still, I do find it difficult finding the really cool bow ties out in the stores. That I know have a solution for: I’ll simply make my own from the fabric and colors that I love. Learn how to make a DIY Bow Tie.

diy bow tie

1. Supplies: Fabric, a pair of scissors, a bow tie clip, thread and a needle. The yellow fabric I’ve used I bought at a thrift store, it is actually an old apron. I bought the clip on Ebay. 2. Start with cutting a rectangle 12 x 23 cm / 4.5 x 9 in and another rectangle, this time 4.5 x 12 cm / 1.5 x 4.5 in. The large rectangle will be the tie while the small will make the knot. 3. Start with the large rectangle and fold the long sides in towards the middle. 4. Then fold the short sides towards the middle, make them overlap a bit. 5. Sew a few stiches and tighten. You’ll now see the shape already. 6. Attach the clip with a couple stiches through the tiny holes on both sides. Then fold the small rectangle’s long sides towards the middle, twirl it around the bow tie and clip two times and seal it with a few stiches.

bow tie 3

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  1. That looks great! Great choice of fabric too – never would have thought it had once been an apron. Maybe I’ll go to the thrift store for bow-tie fabric:). Other than ebay, where could I find the clips? I’ve never noticed them in a store before.

    • Erlend Erlend

      Thanks Andrée! That is the great thing about making bow ties yourself, you can use any fabric you want, even denim and corduroy 🙂 I haven’t found any other places that sell these clips unfortunately.

  2. Hi Erland! Ok, thanks. I’ll just order from ebay if I want some and try to be patient:).

  3. Tania Tania

    I’ve been wanting to make a bow tie for my boyfriend because I think they are really sharp. I wanted to make him the “real thing” with the neck band, but this is definitely a viable alternative and much easier.


  4. annie annie

    Another option that doesn’t involve a clip would be to sew a long folded strip big enough to go around your neck plus a couple of inches. Thread it through the back of the bowtie loop and then sew Velcro, a button, or snaps on the ends.

  5. Prem Prem Prem Prem

    Been looking for bow tie tutorial but could not find one that is easy & straight forward like this.
    Thanks very much to you Erland for sharing this lovely tutorial.

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