DIY Baby Mobile

diy baby mobile

Finally, my first project to my son Albert: DIY baby mobile made from driftwood and Hama beads! I’ve been working on this the last week wondering how to assemble it. Many of the mobiles out there have a cross or a circle top from where the threads hang. I tried the cross first, but it did not look good. Then after a bit of thinking and trying a ended up with this version.

diy baby mobile 2

Supplies: 3 sticks of driftwood, 7 hearts made out of Hama beads, a pair of scissors, twine and thread. First I attached twine from one stick to the next and to the next. Then I attached the hearts on both sides of the sticks using thread. The mobile needs to be balanced, so I had to move the sticks again a bit after assembling it. Now, this is one way to make a baby mobile: Low cost and easy to make :-)

diy baby mobile 4

I was planning to show a photo of the mobile hanging over the crib, but our apartment is so stuffed with things that I did not manage to get a clean shot. Man, I’m so looking forward to moving in May/June! We have bought a semi-detached house across the street. Then I’ll get plenty of space for crafting and taking photos – yay!

diy baby mobile 3


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