DIY Glass Jar Tea Light Holder

Reuse your sauce glass jars! Here in Norway we buy a lot of sauce on glass jars, whether it is tomato or sweet & sour it comes in different kinds of jars. You can easily make a nice tea light holder by replacing the tag with an old book page.

Supplies: Two book pages from an old book, a glass jar, a scalpel, a pair of scissors, a glue stick and a tea light. 1. I started with cutting a heart out from one of the pages using the scalpel. Then I cut the page making it fit the jar. If I was a little bit a head of myself I would have kept the original jar tag, then I could have used it as a template. To make the page go all around the jar I glued on half of the second page as well.


8 thoughts on “DIY Glass Jar Tea Light Holder”

    1. Thanks for stopping by Barb :-) Covering more of the jar was actually what I first wanted to do, but it did not turn out so good due to the narrow top, that is the paper got wrinkled :-)

  1. This would look really cute using lace instead of paper. I mean it looks cute anyway, but just thinking how else to do it too. Thanks for the great idea!

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