Decorate your mugs!


I’ve long wanted to draw on coffee mugs and bake them in the oven. During a visit to the local craft supplies store in Kristiansand last week I found a marker with which I can draw on ceramic and glass. This marker, called Porcelain Painter, worked great, and I didn’t have to bake the mug afterwards. After three days it’s now dishwasher safe (122°F/50°C). I bought the mugs cheap at Ikea. Well, I definitely know what to give friends and family for Christmas – personalized coffee mugs!




8 thoughts on “Decorate your mugs!”

  1. I’ve been wanting to try this too. I had no idea there were special pens like that. Now I just need to learn to draw and I’m all set!

    1. Yeah, no baking necessary – that’s just great. I actually bought markers in colors as well, but I think I’ll practice my drawing a bit more before I put them I use 😉 Thanks for stopping by Kat :-)

  2. Hi Erlend!

    These are beautiful. Minimalistic and simple – how perfect. :-)

    Thanks for sharing! I tried it once by combining Sharpies and porcelain markers, but the sharpies didn’t work as well as the porcelain markers.

    1. Thanks Aysha!

      I’m thinking the markers that are made for porcelain will hold longer, especially if you’re gonna dishwash them. Though I haven’t tried with a Sharpie. Why didn’t it work so well?

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