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Birch Coasters

Saw off thin slices of birch and use them as coasters! It doesn’t get any cheaper than this!

You only need birch and a saw to make these coasters. To make sure the coasters got straight I first sawed all around and then gently towards the centre turning the branch every five seconds or so.

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  1. Beautiful! love the rustic feel of these

    • Erlend Erlend


  2. I do love your birch coasters and want to make some myself – thank you!! I’m Pinning this too, it’s a keeper!

    • Erlend Erlend


  3. oh my god this is so beautiful! I have to really try to!
    thanks! greetings.

    • Erlend Erlend

      Sure thing Claudia!

  4. Hello from Krakow 🙂
    I had the same idea last winter when I collected some pieces (slices actually) of wood but, as it soon turned out, instead of protecting surfaces, the wood channeled all moisture from the cup’s bottom towards the other side of the coaster. So the coaster did the opposite of what coasters do :). But the wood I used was definitely not birch. Did you experience similar problems, or waterproof your coasters first? Thanks.

    • Erlend Erlend

      Hi Justyna 🙂 No, I have not had the problem you’re describing. My coasters did change their shape a bit when they dried out, one of them even got a crack. If I were to make them again I would cut them thicker 🙂

  5. Mine were ca. 20 mm thick and all the moisture went right through them! Thanks anyway.
    PS We sport similar glasses!

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