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Hama Bead QR code


A QR code made out of plastic beads – It worked great – try it yourself!


Now why on earth would I make something like this, my wife asked me the other day. I don’t know, because I can? I find it fun to make something digital manually. And you can use this square as a cup coaster, candle coaster or simply put it up on your office door forcing people to scan the code if they want to contact you while you’re not there. Do you remember how to iron beads? If not, check out Bead Coasters For Valentines Day. And for all of you out there celebrating: Happy Valentines Day ❤


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  1. Adelaide Adelaide

    Eg syns dei er kjempetøffe. Fekk lyst å perla, som eg gjorde då eg var lita! åå, eg har ein ide! Du kan ha konkurranse på bloggen, der ein kan vinna slike! Eg vil ha:)

    • Erlend Erlend

      Hmm, en god idé det Adelaide 😉 Å perle gir meg også gode minner fra da jeg var liten – dette er gøy!

  2. Robin Robin

    I think it’s pretty cool. Too bad all we have are girl color beads around my house. Thanks for sharing.

    • Erlend Erlend

      Thanks Robin. Girl color beads? That might look cool and it might work, if the contrast between the two colors is strong enough 🙂

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