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apple mug

Every time you buy an Apple product you get a couple of them white apple stickers. Being into Apple the last couple of years I’ve got at least 8 of them sitting in their beautiful boxes they arrived in. Guess what, I’ve found a way to make use of them: As a shape template for my custom Apple mugs!

apple mug 3

Supplies: A mug, I’ve used the cheap Fรคrgrik mug from Ikea (only $0.99), an Apple sticker, a pair of scissors and porcelain markers, I’ve used Marabu Porcelain Painter. 1. Cut out the white apple, that is cut off the transparent border. 2. Attach the apple and the leaf to the mug. The apple and the leaf are separate, so you wanna be sure to keep the right angle on the leaf when you stick it to the mug. 3. Now apply strokes from centre and outwards around the edge of the apple and the leaf. Do it over and over again with different colors. When done, remove the stickers. Voila!

apple mug 2


Using this technique you can make mugs with all kinds of motives, you just need to find the right stickers ๐Ÿ˜‰


18 thoughts on “Apple Mugs”

  1. It’s an amazing idea!!! I’m excited. I like draw on mugs and i’m really looking forward to try this .
    Just one question : Marabu Porcelain Painter is water resistant without put in the oven? I use another marker and i have to oven the mug for 90 min…

    here are my mugs :

  2. Great idea….I have lots of sticky backed plastic I can cut initials from these will make lovely personalised mugs!
    Also thinking of mini canvasses with card cut outs and felt pens….

  3. Hi Erlend! I just happened upon your blog via craft gawker, and was immediately hooked. Your little one looks beautiful (congratulations!), and your DIY sense is inspirational. Love these mugs – I will be back! :)

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