LEGO Duplo Mobile

Driftwood, twine and LEGO Duplo bricks makes a great mobile!

lego duplo mobile

My son Albert is now 13.5 months old and is close to walking by himself. I got the idea to make a mobile and hang it on the wall so that he can reach it when standing. If he pulls one of the bricks, it’s simply released from the other brick. Thus the LEGO Duplo mobile does not get destroyed, we just have to fasten the bricks again if they’re pulled down.

lego duplo mobile

Also check out the Hama bead + driftwood baby mobile


Scrabble Tile Keychain

Make a scrabble tile keychain with your name’s capital letter!

scrabble tile keychain 2

This is easy. You need a scrabble tile, a key ring, a loop screw and E-6000 glue. Now screw the loop screw into the tile, to make the hole. Add glue to the loop screw before inserting it again. Then attach the key ring and your key. Be sure to have a small enough loop screw or the tile will crack.

scrabble tile keychain 3

scrabble tile keychain 4

You can also make an other variant of this keychain by drilling a hole in the corner of the tile and attaching a small key ring. For more ideas check out here.


Old Drawer Shelf

Make a cozy corner in your living room with an old drawer shelf!

old drawer shelf

This is quite easy to do. The hard part is getting the drawer you want. I’ve used a drawer from our living room table. The same table used for making the Mini Trees. If you don’t have an old drawer, browse thrift stores, your grandma’s house and you might find that old looking, skewed, half painted cozy drawer that will look good up on the wall.

Supplies: An old drawer, a spirit level, 2 loop screws, 2 nails and a hammer. Start with attaching the loop screws. Then hold the drawer on the wall with the spirit level on top of it. When you got it placed where you want it and are sure that it is straight, use a nail and make a mark on the wall through both the loops. Now hit the nails into the marks and hang the drawer on the wall.

old drawer shelf 2

In the corner we have also hung a lamp to ensure good lightning for reading or blogging, a Ball Pendel by Frandsen. The pillow which states “The Pillow – since 2014″ is custom made at Tiny Prints.

old drawer shelf 3