DIY Word Art


Have you ever had a frame but no idea what to put inside it? Why not say something that is important to you using words and make your own DIY Word Art!


One thing that is important for both my wife and I is to play, have fun and be creative, whether it is crafting or composing music (Elise), playing with tools or tones. Everyday life can be stressful from time to time, then it’s important for us to have something on the wall reminding us to take it easy and keep doing with what we love. In other words, as the Norwegian philosopher Arne Næss once said: Never stop playing!


For this DIY Word Art we used the following supplies:

  • A Ribba frame from IKEA
  • A sheet of paper size A2
  • Our words printed out on paper (Font: Action Jackson from
  • Color pencils
  • A glue stick
  • A pair of scissors
  • Tape

 1. Start with coloring the the letters. We colored ours gently to keep that hand colored look. 2. Then cut out the letters with the pair of scissors. 3. Attach the sheet of paper to the passpartout using tape. This way you’re making sure that the art stay in place. 4. Then glue the word onto the paper. Now we wanted this art to be playful and did not strive for perfection. If you’re a perfectionist, then making circles with a compass will give you nice paths for the letters.


The DIY Wall Art completes this corner of our living room. I think the strong colors work great against all the light colors of the wall, sofa and lamp. The dotted pillows with our names on are from Tiny Prints.


Scrabble Tile Earrings

scrabble tile earrings 2

Make scrabble tile earrings or as I like to say: Put your loved ones in your ears!

scrabble tile earrings 4

I’ve made these for my wife and the ‘A’ stands for Albert and ‘E’ stands for Erlend. Now, to make these earrings is easy, though you need the following:

  • E-6000 Adhesive
  • Two scrabble tiles
  • A pair of earring posts
  • A pair of earring backs

All of the above can be bought at eBay. Glue them posts onto the tiles and that’s it, you’ve got a pair of scrabble tile earrings!

scrabble tile earrings

scrabble tile earrings 3