6 Ways to Reuse Books

6 ways to reuse your books

We are packing down our apartment these days and on Saturday we’ll take over our new old semi-detached house. We are so looking forward to finally move into something bigger! And we’ll get a porch with sun from mid-day until late evening. Yeah, it’s gonna be great. One thing I constantly get reminded about during packing is the great amount of books we own. I love browsing for books at thrift stores, and yup, I do sometimes come home with books that does not deserve a place in the shelf. They’ll be perfect for something else though, here are 6 ways to reuse books:

4 ways to reuse your books

DIY Book Business Card Holder

book page notebook

Book Page Notebook

Book Page Tags

DIY Book Page Tags


 DIY Bookmarks

book coasters

Book Coasters

diy book vase

DIY Book Vase



Marshmallow Table Name Flags


Hi guys! I haven’t been crafting much these last months. Being a father to a 4.5 months old boy takes up pretty much all my time. It is exhausting but at the same time fantastic – ain’t nothing better than to come home from work and meet the little baby smiling at you! Albert got baptised last sunday. That gave me a push to make table name flags for the party: Marshmallow table name flags – mmmmmm :-D


Supplies: BBQ wooden sticks, thick paper in the color of your choice, marshmallows, a pair of scissors, a pair of garden scissors, a glue stick and a marker. First I cut out rectangles from the paper, approximately 3 in x 1.4 in. I used the garden scissor to shorten the BBQ sticks, I made them 5 in long. Then I applied glue onto the paper and the top of the “pole” and pressed the paper around the stick and held for 10 seconds. I made all of them this way and let the glue dry before I wrote the names on the flags.


Now, getting the flags to stand is easier said than done – many of them marshmallows are skewed and will not stand, so be sure to have at least a couple of bags to choose from.