Button Rings

Do you have more buttons than you know what to do with? Why not make button rings!

button rings 2

You’ll need buttons with two or four holes and elastic cord. I’ve bought the buttons in a thrift store and I found the cord in a local craft store. Pull the cord through the holes and tie a knot. I tried a couple of times before I got the perfect loop size. The best would be if you could borrow a finger to tie it around.

button rings 3

Now this is not the first time I’ve made rings and things from buttons. Also check out:


House Blocks

This got to be the easiest way to make toy houses for kids. Learn how you also can make these house blocks!

house blocks 2

You need the following supplies: Construction wood 1.9 x 1.9 in / 48 x 48 mm, a machinist square, a miter saw and rough sandpaper.

house blocks 3

Start with using the machinist square and draw a line where you want the roof to start. Set the saw to 45 degree angle and saw in from each side. If you don’t have a power miter saw you can use a miter box and a plain saw. When done sawing, use the sand paper and smooth the edges of the house.

house blocks 4

My son started to play with them right away – success! It has nothing to do with the small cars 😉 The houses also looks great as decor in a window sill.

house blocks 5


Hex Bolt Earrings

A while back I saw a girl wearing earrings that looked like the head of hex bolts, and I thought to myself: I can make that! Here’s how I made Hex Bolt Earrings.

hex bolt earrings 2

I used the following supplies: Hex bolts, a hacksaw, a vise, E-6000 glue, earring posts and earrings backs. What took most of my time was finding the right bolts. I settled with a hex bolt head size of 0.4 in / 1 cm.

When you’ve got all the supplies, the making should take you no more than ten minutes. 1. Fasten a hex bolt in the vise and saw off the bolt’s head. Repeat this one time. 2. Glue on the posts.

hex bolt earrings 3

hex bolt earrings 4

hex bolt earrings 5

I think this looks really cool, especially with the numbers and letters. I wonder what else there is to make from bolts and scews, any ideas, anyone?