Driftwood Mobile

Make your own decorative driftwood mobile easy!


Every time I’m at the beach I collect driftwood. There are always pieces of wood lying around that will make great DIY’s. One of the most popular posts on Morning Creativity is the Driftwood Photo Display from a couple years back. Be sure to check it out. If you need more driftwood inspiration, simply make a search like this.

Now to make the Driftwood Mobile you need: Sticks of driftwood, a saw, a drill, twine, strips of paper and a screw. 1. Saw the driftwood into smaller pieces and drill holes in the middle of them. 2. Pull the twine through the holes and tie a knot after each piece of wood. The knots will keep the pieces from falling down. Make sure the knots are bigger than the holes. 3. Fold origami stars and use the screw to drill holes in the stars and thread them onto the twine.

driftwood mobile 4

driftwood mobile 5

In addition to driftwood, seashell will look great in a mobile like this. Now I’ll hang this somewhere outside where it’ll move in the wind. :-)

driftwood mobile 6


Pinecone Place Cards

Here’s how you can make pinecone place cards – it’s quite easy :-)

pinecone place card 2

Supplies: Pinecones, a hacksaw, carton, a paper cutter, PC+printer and a stove. 1. Collect pinecones, if they’re “closed” heat them in the stove for an hour at 200° F / 100° C and they will open up. Not only will the pinecones open up, you will also get rid of the potential tiny insects hiding inside. 2. Print out the names on carton. I’ve used the font Great Vibes, which give the cards a certain old style romantic look. I cut them with the paper cutter. 3. Saw down a couple centimeters in the centre of the pinecone and place the card into the crack. If some of the pinecones have trouble standing up, you can help them by sawing off a slice of the bottom.

pinecone place card 3

I made these place cards for my parents’ 40th wedding celebration last weekend. Together with the place card I made a tiny gift with the candy ‘love hearts’ inside. On top of the tiny gift I placed a fridge magnet with my parents’ original wedding photo from 1975. It was fun, but it took some time indeed!

pinecone place card 4

pinecone place card


DIY Candlestick

Copper is just great. It’s easy to cut and it looks good. Today I’m gonna show you how I made this DIY candlestick.

diy candlestick 2

You need, copper tube 22mm, six 90 degree elbows, a pipe cutter and E-6000 glue. I’ve bought the pipe and elbows at Clas Ohlson and I got the glue from eBay. Cut the pipe into three 9 cm (3.5 in) pieces, two 3cm (1.2 in) pieces and one 18cm (7.1 in) piece.

diy candlestick 3

Assemble the candlestick as shown on the photo below and make sure it’s straight. If you are pleased with the result, then glue it together. It takes about 20 minutes for the glue to set so make sure the long piece stays in place all that time.

diy candlestick 4

diy candlestick 5