Felt Ball Mobile

Finally I got to make something out the felt balls I bought a couple weeks ago. I’ve made a felt ball mobile! Read more to find out how I did it :-)

felt ball mobile 2

Supplies: 2 sticks of driftwood, approximately 25 cm / 9.8 in long, 25 felt balls, white tread + a needle and a hook screw long enough to go through both the sticks. You can make your own felt balls, but that takes quite some time. I’ve bought mine at Søstrene Grene. 1. Start with the felt balls because that what’s gonna take most of your time. Tie a knot at the end of the thread and pull the needle through all five balls. Repeat this five times. Now there is no need 2. Screw the hook screw through both sticks. 3. Attach the hanging balls to the sticks using doble knots. That’s about it, now find a place to hang it!

felt ball mobile 3

felt ball mobile 4

felt ball mobile 5

felt ball mobile 6

I’m thinking of hanging this over my son’s bed, but he is sick at the moment, so therefore I had to shoot photos in the living room instead. The colored balls work great next to the white wall :-)


Tea Light Holders

Wood is fun to work with! I’ve made tea light holders from construction wood – learn how you can make your own!

Supplies: Construction wood 48 x 48 mm, a miter saw and a drill press. If you don’t have access to the these tools you can of course use a hand saw with a miter box and a power drill.

1. Start with drilling the holes for the tea light. Make sure that you drill in centre and not too deep. I’ve preset my press drill to stop when the hole is deep enough for a tea light to fit.

tea light holders 1

2. Saw off both sides of the hole. Here it is smart to saw right next to another piece of wood and to start sawing from the top and down, this way you avoid jagged edges.

tea light holders 2

tea light holders 3

3. At the end you might need to go over the edges gently with a sandpaper. Now insert the tea light and light it up!

tea light holderstea light holders 5tea light holders 4

Equipment used on this project: This drill press and this miter saw :-)




Copper Edison Lamp

Have you got a corner in your house that needs more light, but can’t seem to find the right lamp? Why not make your own! Here’s how I made the Copper Edison Lamp.

copper edison lamp 2

Supplies: Copper tube 22mm, pendant lamp wire, a light bulb, a pipe bender, 2 copper pipe straps with screws and a screwdriver. 1. Start with bending the pipe using the pipe bender. This took quite some power, I had to press it against the floor for it to start bending. Here you keep going until you’ve got the angle you want in your lamp.

copper edison lamp 3

2. Assemble the lamp. Pull the lamp wire through the pipe. Cut the power and connect the lamp wire so that you’ll actually get electricity. Now screw the bulb into the socket and turn the power on again. The lamp should now work if you turn it on.

copper edison lamp 4

3. Fasten the lamp to the wall with the straps and screws. I wanted to use one screw on each side of the pipe, but the wall on the left turned out to be concrete, hence the screws went on the right side of the pipe. That’s about it, you’re done!

copper edison lamp 5

copper edison lamp 6

copper edison lamp 7

Where did I get the supplies for this lamp? I found both the lamp wire and bulb at eBay, the copper pipe is from Clas Ohlson and the pipe bender from Jula.