Milk Carton Light Houses

milk carton light house

Reuse your milk cartons! Paint them, cut them and put light inside and you’ve got yourself some cozy milk carton light houses for Christmas!


I’ve been collecting milk cartons the last month for the purpose of making an advent calendar. And, like so many times before, I ended up with something else – that is one of the most fun things about being creative, you start with an idea and don’t know final product will be – exciting! You have probably seen the Kähler houses in the stores. I invited some friends over the other day so that we could make our own – from milk cartons. This is how you do it:

Supplies: A milk carton, a utility knife, a pencil, a ruler, christmas lights, acrylic paint or spray paint. 1. Paint/spray paint the milk carton. Remember that white needs more layers than grey or black to cover milk cartons graphics. 2. Use the pencil and the ruler to draw your windows. 3. Cut out the windows. 4. Cut a small hatch on the bottom backside of the house – that’s where you’ll insert the light.





Your imagination is the limit when it comes to window design. Google windows and houses and try out different styles – Good Luck!


DIY Wrapping Paper

diy wrapping paper

I have used a lot of kraft paper the past years when wrapping gifts for Christmas. This year is no exception, but I’m adding a little color. Here’s how you can easily add colored dots to your diy wrapping paper.

diy wrapping paper 2

I’ve used red and green stamp pads and new pencils with erasers. Make sure the erasers has not been used before if you want a perfect dot. Add as many dots you want to make the wrapping your way. If you find dots boring, you can use a utility knife and cut shapes out of the erasers, e.g. a heart or a leaf. I have made that in an earlier post: DIY Pencil Stamp.

diy wrapping paper 3

Happy wrapping!